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Elia Exchange is the leading programme from Elia that bridges the gap between the academic and business worlds for the benefit and prosperity of the language industry by:

  • Creating invaluable and innovative opportunities for first-hand experience for translation students, to complement their studies.
  • Connecting and joining forces with academic institutions that offer higher education degree programmes for the language industry.
  • Helping language companies acquire staff that are more skilled and adept at responding to the rapidly changing needs of the industry.

This is achieved through the following primary interlinked mechanisms and annual developments:

EE Forums

EE Forums are held in-country to promote cooperation and dialogue between local industry stakeholders including academic institutions and language service companies.


The EE Internship Memorandum of Understanding is the backbone of Elia Exchange internships and ensures that language service companies apply best practices to provide a valuable student experience.

EE Database

The EE Database promotes internships, matching students’ interests and career plans with internship opportunities at language service companies.

EE developments for the 2018/2019 academic year

Elia Exchange Webinars series
Each topic introduced in 2018 gives birth to a series of presentations which will go deeper into the content and give attendees more detailed information on specific items. 
View the calendar.

Localisation Simulation Game
The Localisation Simulation Game provides students with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work on an actual project for a client, with all the challenges therein.

Introduction to the Localisation Industry course
This course introduces students to the reality of the industry and how language service companies work, helping students identify possible routes to career success.

EE Online Forum
The EE Online Forum brings together the EE community and serves as a platform to communicate and share best practices, ideas and solutions faster.

Annual theme
Each year the EE Forums will have an annual theme on which to focus discussions, so stakeholders can work together to better prepare students for the industry.

The theme for the current academic year is: ‘Ιndustry quality processes applied to classroom methodology: presenting professional quality assessment methods’.

EE Volunteering
EE Volunteering provides additional opportunities for EE students to gain hands-on experience and to connect with the industry.

Who can take part

Elia Exchange is open to industry stakeholders with an interest in working collaboratively and cooperatively to benefit the future of the language industry.

Students and recent graduates
Secure your future as a language professional and access additional opportunities to prove your value to a potential employer.

Find out how you can gain valuable first-hand experience

Language service companies
Influence the future and professionalisation of the language industry.

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  • Share knowledge with academic institutions and impact how graduates are prepared for employment.
  • Connect with talented language professionals, with the assurance that new employees with an EE internship on their CV will not require lengthy induction training.
  • Boost your company’s visibility and profile.

Elia Exchange is available to Elia members who demonstrate their commitment to the Memorandum of Understanding through the EE Code of Conduct.

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Academic institutions
Improve your students’ employability prospects through access to a network of industry partners, a wider range of internship opportunities and a means of attracting new students.

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EE Academic members

Meet the academic institutions that have already joined Elia Exchange:

Recent News

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