About Elia Exchange

Our mission

With Elia Exchange we aim to

  • help the language professionals of tomorrow build the very best skill sets and experience, giving them a head start at the beginning of their career, and
  • ensure the industry is supplied with able, skilled language professionals.

Current status

Elia Exchange was established in 2012 in response to the recognised talent gap in the language industry.

The programme seeks to shorten the time that it takes for a new graduate to become a productive and valuable member of the team, for the benefit of the graduate, employer and the language industry.

Since its launch, Elia Exchange has attracted significant interest from Elia members, other organisations, and from academic institutions. Today, 20 EE National Coordinators in 33 countries, 33 universities in 17 countries, 26 Elia members and more than 200 students are contributing to the development of the initiative. As EE moves forward, more companies, universities and students will join.


Meet your EE National Coordinator

EE National Coordinators are volunteers from Elia member companies who spread the word about Elia Exchange locally, foster the relationship between the business world and academic institutions in their country and transfer usable and valuable practices from other countries and regions to benefit the language professionals of tomorrow. To meet the EE National Coordinators in your area please click here.

How to take part

Elia Exchange is open to academic institutions, language service companies and students and recent graduates who have a vested interest in developing the future of the industry.

Students and recent graduates

Language service companies

Academic institutions

Meet the Elia member companies that have joined EE

Meet the Elia member companies that have signed up to the EE Code of Conduct

Active Translators, Romania

Clinter Traducciones e Interpretaciones, Spain

Sofita, Bulgaria

Ciklopea, Croatia

Arabize, Egypt

Version internationale, France

Gemino, Germany

Mayflower Language Services, India

Liguria Traduce, Italy

Diskusija, Lithuania

Global textware, Netherlands

Expressão, Portugal

Literra, Russia

exe, Slovakia

Iolar, Slovenia

Nuadda Words and Languages, Spain

Diltra Uluslararasi Ceviri, Turkey