Elia welcomes the University of Strasbourg to EE

Elia welcomes the University of Strasbourg to the EE programme

Elia is more than happy to count its 11th EE University Member. The University of Strasbourg, Faculté Langues et Sciences Humaines Appliquées, offers the Master CAWEB, a Masters in Multilingual Web Design career-oriented degree in foreign languages and multimedia. The course targets graduates from Modern Languages backgrounds, perfecting their fluency in two foreign languages and training them to design and manage multilingual websites. At the end of the programme, the graduates possess the necessary skills to localize information technology products, particularly websites, and to manage multimedia design and localization projects. Master CAWEB teaches students to create, translate and manage websites and other IT products. It also develops student’s skills in Project Management. Faculty’s principal aims are to improve students’ linguistic and inter-cultural knowledge (especially for translation and localization) and to equip them with the technical skills of web design. The five study areas of the degree are:

  • Foreign Languages (English plus one other language): writing, speaking, listening, translation, technical language
  • Translation and Localization: Professional translation practice, tools and theory, localization processes and tools, inter-cultural awareness
  • Creating and managing multilingual websites: design, development, administration, programming, employing professional tools
  • Sound image and video editing
  • Project Management in multimedia and localization

You can find more information about Master CAWEB at