For language service companies

Why you should participate

Elia Exchange provides language service companies with the opportunity to influence the future of the language industry.

By signing up to the EE Code of Conduct, you are demonstrating a commitment to ethical business practices and to investing in the growth and professionalisation of the language industry.

Signing up to the Elia Exchange Code of Conduct also offers many direct business benefits:

  • A recognised framework and support network to help you organise transparent and mutually beneficial internships.
  • An opportunity to share knowledge with academic institutions and influence how graduates are prepared for employment.
  • A channel for identifying talented new staff and freelance resources.
  • The assurance that a new employee with an EE internship on their CV will not require the usual lengthy induction training.
  • The opportunity to be recognised as an -‘ethical’- company that pays particular attention to the environment offered to students in internships.
  • A chance to influence the industry and, simultaneously, to raise your own company’s profile within the industry.

As an Elia member, you have access to Elia Exchange and tools like the EE MoU and the EE Database, which will help your company influence how translation graduates are trained and how they successfully compete for jobs.

Ways of getting involved include:

  • Participating in the EE Forums organised in your country. These create a continuous and mutually beneficial link with all the EE Academic members in your country, thereby building special connections with them.
  • Participating in open exchanges with translation training institutions.
  • Providing internships for students or recent graduates.


Internships are valuable for all three Elia Exchange partners:

  • Students gain experience, skills, insight into the ‘real working-world’, connections and a chance to prove their value to a potential employer.
  • Academic institutions receive support to achieve their goal and serve their purpose: to prepare students for a successful career in the language services industry. Achieving a high employment rate amongst graduates also strengthens the reputation of the academic institution.
  • Language companies are able to evaluate potential employees in real working conditions over an extended period of time (pre-recruiting); make full use of able interns to increase company production capacity; and play a part in developing the overall quality of each year’s cohort of new graduates, resulting in shorter training periods for new employees.

A transparent system

Many individual companies have their own systems for hiring interns. However, companies that sign the EE Code of Conduct offer students and academic institutions the safeguards and assurance of the EE MoU.

Elia’s exclusive EE MoU is a tool to:

  • Help companies define the kind of internship they are offering.
  • Enable students to make an informed choice about which internship to accept.
  • Set the quality standard that all parties will adhere to.
  • Demonstrate the commitment of Elia member companies to providing quality internships.
  • Encourage academic institutions to send their best students to benefit from the programme.
  • Set a baseline for strong working practices that extend beyond the internship and which will ultimately benefit the industry as a whole.


Connecting students with internships

The EE Database is a register of internships available in Elia member companies that have signed up to the EE Code of Conduct and of students looking for internships.


Exchanging knowledge and experience

Translation is at the heart of our business and will remain so, but how and what we translate is constantly — and very rapidly — evolving. It is industry players who are the most sensitive to these changes. They are therefore the most capable of propagating new trends and practices.

The EE Forum is an integral part of Elia Exchange. It provides a venue in which academic institutions and language companies can come together to address issues such as:

  • How relevant and up-to-date is information taught in the classroom once students graduate into the real world?
  • How can internships be of great value to students?
  • What is the future of the translation industry and how can we shape it?
  • What is the role and importance of technology within the industry, and what knowledge must new graduates possess?

With one eye on varying regional needs, our volunteer team of EE National Coordinators (NCs) is responsible for organising the EE Forums at regional and national levels, and for promoting the exchange of information and ideas on how to produce the best-prepared graduates who are ready for employment.

Register Now!

By registering with Elia Exchange, your company will be able to contribute to the programme’s development and success, post details about internship opportunities at your language service company and find suitable candidates.

Registration is only available for Elia Members who have signed the EE Code of Conduct.

If your company is already an Elia member please download the EE Code of Conduct and send a signed copy to the Programme Lead. Your EE membership will be activated, your company will be listed in the registered Elia members page of our website and you will be able to post your internship vacancies via Elia Synergy.

If your company is not yet an Elia member please go to our website where you will find information about the benefits of Elia membership to your language service company which includes access to Elia Exchange.

Download the EE Code of Conduct now!