Françoise Bajon at Translating Europe Forum

LSPs and Universities offering translation study programs must work together to bring to the market better prepared and more skilled employees. This has to be a consistent common effort to be coupled with the creation of collaboration opportunities, development of new training and more opportunities for internships,” Françoise Bajon (Elia President) has pointed out. Françoise has been representing Elia and the industry on the Translating Europe Forum (TEF) “Bridging the Skills Gap” panel. She expressed the industry’s eagerness to be actively involved in the preparation for the student’s employment within the language industry. The discussion between the panelists was based on the study by McKinsey entitled “Education to employment, Getting Europe’s youth into work” which touches upon the issue of unemployment among young graduates in Europe. The panelists commented on the extent to which these findings apply to the translation sector and how important graduates’ skills are for employability.

Françoise, an industry expert and an industry association representative with long-term experience in the field, fully understands the current situation with graduates’ readiness to enter the workforce and their ability to meet industry needs. She talked about her experience in graduate placement in job positions within the language industry, the minimum requirements and how potential issues regarding traineeships can be addressed.

The TEF, organized by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission, took place in Brussels on Sept. 18-19 with the attendance of around 300 people. The forum, to be organized once a year, aims to bring together universities, translation services providers and buyers, public institutions, private companies and translation professionals in order to discuss issues of interest to the translation industry and facilitate the development and implementation of positive outcomes.