Another Slovakian University joins EE

We are very happy to see another university from Slovakia joining the Elia Exchange program. The Faculty of Arts of the University of Prešov joins the rest 16 Universities became EE members during the last 10 months. The MA Translation and Interpreting programme of the university prepares future interpreters, translators of literary and technical texts, theoreticians, critics and historians in the field of translation studies. Its study programmes offer subjects that prepare translators/interpreters-to-be for their future career in accord with the latest trends and needs of the translation market. They are focused on technical translation, audio-visual translation and subtitling, as well as the latest tendencies in translation business including computer assisted translation and localization. The university pays particular attention to the subjects that introduce the basics of EU institutions organization, as well as of economics and legal system. The literary disciplines preparing for literary translation include theory of literary texts, interpretation of world literature works, genology, literary poetics, literary comparative studies and versology, all approached from a comparative point of view. The translation and interpreting study programme can be studied in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian.
In addition, there are more than 300 CAT tool licenses available for the students which makes this essential translation tool available for each of them. There are two interpreting laboratories with 24 booths for students to practise interpreting competence, the larger laboratory serving as a conference hall for simultaneous interpreting.

More info about the study programme can be found at