We welcome our 14th EE University Member

Sofia University is the 2nd university in Bulgaria and the 14th joining the Elia Exchange programme. It offers a Master Programme in Translation, a full-time taught programme lasting 3 semesters and worth 90 ECTS credits. The Programme offers the following language combinations: English-Bulgarian, French-Bulgarian, English+French-Bulgarian and French+English-Bulgarian. The aim of the Programme is to equip students with the scholarly knowledge and practical skills, including those related to the specifics of the local and international market of translation services and IT resources. The great number of elective courses offers students a wide range of options for specialization in different areas of the translation profession. All courses, as well as the internship at a translation agency, allows students to get practical training in a real-life working environment and by working with experienced professionals. The programme is oriented towards written translation but it also offers students the opportunity to acquire initial skills in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. More information about the MA Programme can be found at