Webinar Series

 Elia Exchange Webinar Series

New for this academic year, Elia in collaboration with speakers from all over the industry are proud to present this series of educational webinars designed to give students further information about the industry they will be entering once they graduate from school.

Each topic introduced in 2018 gives birth to a series of presentations which will go deeper into the content and give attendees more detailed information on specific items.

Namely, the topics are:

  • Business management / Business development
  • Soft skills
  • Quality
  • Terminology
  • CAT tools
  • Formatting / DTP
  • Interpreting

The calendar of webinars is:

  • 11  October  Business Management – Françoise Bajon
  • 25  October  Soft skills – Getting started – Tetyana Struk
  • 6  November  Introduction to quality assurance – Anu Carnegie-Brown
  • 22  November  Terminology Management in LSPs – Klaus Fleischmann
  • 6  December  Computer-aided translation tools – Fabio Salsi
  • 19 December  Formatting and DTP: a step beyond translation – Gabriela Lemoine
  • 10  January 19   Interpreting: an introduction to the different types of interpreting – Steve Lank

Further information about the webinars and registration will be communicated periodically through the newsletter.

If you have any questions about this or other Elia Exchange programs please contact us at john.terninko@elia-association.org